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Summer is a great time to enjoy activities together as a foster family. There are so many things that the whole family will enjoy and a lot of new experiences for your foster children to be involved in. Here are three fun summer ideas for foster families.

3 Fun Summer Ideas For Foster Families

Go Camping

One fun idea is to go camping. This is fun because it allows you to get away from your regular lives and enjoy the outdoors. You can camp in a tent or a camper and enjoy things like fishing, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, telling campfires stories, and so much more. This is a great time for you to bond with your foster children and to help them understand how much fun summer can be.

Plant A Garden

Another fun summer activity is to plant a garden. The great thing about planting a garden is that the whole family can get involved. Your foster children can help to till the ground for the garden, pick out the plants and seeds that you want to plant, help with the planting, and then help to care for the garden for the duration of the summer. When the time comes to begin harvesting the fruits and vegetables, your foster children will see just how rewarding it can be to eat foods from their own garden.

Play Outdoor Games

Summer is a great time to be outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine. This means that outdoor games are a great option for foster families. You can play games that involve the whole family, such as volleyball, soccer, softball, four square, and more. Planning these games around an outdoor dinner, or with friends, can make them even more fun.

To learn about more activities to do this summer as a foster family, or to learn more about foster care, visit us today at 2Ingage.