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breakfast in the morning

Beautiful little girl having breakfast with cereal, milk, and blueberries in kitchen

If you’re a foster parent to school-age children, you need to be prepared for the morning hustle. A recent survey shows just how tough a job it can be to get kids out the door in time, but we have some tips to make it easier.

The Kellogg Company asked 2,000 parents about their morning routines. It’s probably no surprise that most said getting their kids ready for school was the biggest challenge. If you worry that your family is slower than average you can relax. Most parents said they had to remind their kids at least twice to get dressed and brush their teeth. While kids will always need some coaching, these steps should help:

Do as Much as Possible the Night Before:

Mornings will be easier if your family gets a head start. Lay out clothing for the next day. Fill backpacks and bags with items your kids will need and stash them by the front door. It also helps if you get up first so you have a little quiet time to put together a daily checklist.

Simplify Breakfast

The Kellogg study also found that the average family runs out of time to eat breakfast about twice a week. Remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be nutritious. Serve Greek yogurt and fruit or bean and cheese burritos.

Slow Down and Connect

Showering your foster kids with love and attention is still the most important thing you can do each morning. Take time to hug or sing even while you’re trying to find a matching pair of socks or check on homework. Offer choices and rewards that will help you to teach your foster children essential life skills and show them how much you love them.


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