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Foster care refers to a protective service for young ones and their families. Conditions such as mental illness, loss of jobs, homelessness, substance abuse, or poverty make it difficult for biological families to meet the needs of their children.  Foster care provides safety for these children by nurturing them and offering a loving family they can live with for a temporary period. Becoming a foster care parent is not a lifetime commitment per se, but a commitment to be meaningful in the life of a child and family’s lifetime.

Becoming a Foster Parent in Texas

What Foster Care Is:

•    The best chance to make the world a better place. Make every child smile.
•    It is among the most challenging experiences for anyone.
•    It offers the most rewarding opportunities than any other volunteering program in existence.

What Foster Care Is Not:

•    Simple, just like normal parenting
•    You don’t do it for yourself, and rather it’s for the child
•    It is not a way to get some income.

How to Become a Foster Family

Being a foster parent is not easy, but it is still the most gratifying work you can ever consider. You also need to be ready to partner with schools, social workers, and the community to ensure you meet the child’s needs.

Anyone can make a great foster parent with their own unique talents. However, remember it is not for everyone. Contact a fostering agency near you and begin the discussion when you feel your family is ready for foster care.

Foster Parent Qualifications

The necessary qualification is the ability of the prospective foster parent to meet the child’s emotional, physical, and development needs. Foster care agencies will help to evaluate if you are ready through an evaluation process.

At 2Ingage, we strive to make the fostering process easy and accessible to everyone who may want to start it. We urge all qualified agencies and service providers in Texas Region 2 to join us and make this important endeavor a success. Contact us today to learn more about our services.