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It has been proven that children learn from the adults that are around them. You can see it when you look into the eyes of a child. They are watching your facial expressions, listening to your words, and repeating your actions. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts you can give to a child is to open your arms to them when they need it the most. It is why we hope that more people will start choosing to embrace a new kind of family with foster children and become a part of the Texas Foster Care system.

Welcoming a Child into Your Life

One of the greatest joys in life is to hold a child. However, some parents have issues that make it impossible to be there for their child at that time. This is where a foster parent comes in. Parents are approved by the state to take care of a child until the parents are able to do so. The kids that you will meet have most likely been put into foster care against their wishes. They may not understand that their home life before was not good for them. They may have also lost their parents in an accident and have no other place to call home. There is a chance that they will be sad, upset, and even angry over their circumstances. It will be your job to show them that they are safe and welcome in your home. It will be your priority to help them adjust to life at your house, without being overly firm with them.

Young girl spreading her arms as she is joining a new kind of family as foster parents sit on in background.

Cheerful, curly-haired girl smiling and spreading her arms while her foster parents are sitting on the couch in the background

Allow Them to Come to You

A lot of foster parents develop a bond with the child before that child arrives at their home. They may want to embrace the child, smother them with kisses, and more. You have to give them a little space so that they feel comfortable coming to you. This means welcoming them with a handshake, walking them around your home, introducing pets and other children, etc. You can encourage them to take a bath or shower. You can wash their clothes if they bring any, offer snacks or food, and anything else that you feel will make them more comfortable. It may not happen the first night or even the first week, but eventually, they will come to you for comfort and care in their new kind of family.

Are You Ready to Embrace a New Kind of Family?

The decision to become a foster parent should not be taken lightly. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and questions. You and the child may go through many emotions throughout the first little while together, but most foster care families say that it is worth it. It can be the one thing that completes your family.

If you are interested in becoming a foster mom or dad, you should contact us. We will talk to you about what it takes to start fostering a child.  Discover the joy a foster child can bring to your life.