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A Foster Parent’s Guide to Throwing an Amazing Virtual Birthday Party

The longer COVID-19 sticks around, the greater the chances that a foster parent will need to learn how to throw a virtual birthday party. Celebrating milestones is especially important for foster children who may feel cut off if they have less contact than usual with their family and friends. Making their birthday happy and fun can help relieve the stress a little. Here are a few suggestions for hosting a child’s party online.

Choose Your Platform

You can use a general video app like Zoom if you’re comfortable handling the details yourself. If not, there are a growing number of companies that provide virtual children’s birthday party packages complete with hosts and guided activities. For example, Sky Zone staff work with kids online now that their indoor trampoline parks are temporarily closed.

Pick a Theme for Your Virtual Birthday Party

Have fun with your theme. Decorate your party space and wear costumes. Then, put together a soundtrack with appropriate music.

Encourage Digital Gifts

Digital gifts are easier than mailing stuff or driving around with goody bags. Support local businesses by giving out gift certificates or surprise someone with a coupon code for a free movie night at home.

Bake a Cake

Remember to bring in the cake so you can sing Happy Birthday to your foster child. Let them choose their favorite flavor. Maybe you can’t share the birthday cake, but everyone can eat a dessert at the same time.

Share Activities

Have fun together even if you’re in separate houses. Make crafts with household items or divide them into teams to play games. Then, sing and dance to the same tunes. Ask each guest to make an animated greeting card so you can watch them all together.

Learn More About Throwing an Amazing Virtual Birthday Party

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