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Have you been losing patience with your foster children lately?  Does it seem that no matter how hard you try to raise them well, they won’t listen?  Well, you’re not alone.  It is common for parents to lose their patience, but with some helpful strategies, you can be more patient with the kids.  It takes consistency and self-discipline.  One thing you can do is figure out why the kids are acting up.  Did they have a rough day at school?  Are they tired or hungry? Are they feeling sad overall?  When you get to the root of the issue, you’re more likely to be patient with the kids.  Here are additional tips.

How to Be a More Patient Foster Parent

Step Away from the Situation

Sometimes you’ll need to step away and cool off when your children push your buttons.  Let the kids know that you need to take a short break and that they can go to their rooms for a few minutes while you take time for yourself.  Use this time to take some deep breaths, pray, and think about how you’re going to address the problem.  If your spouse is home, have him sit with the kids while you go for a walk to calm down.

Get Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

Another thing you should do is ditch the unrealistic expectations.  Your toddlers are going to make mistakes when learning to use the toilet, and your kindergartener might not move as quickly as you would like in his understanding of certain academic concepts.  Keep training them in these things consistently, and in time they will do what is right.

Think About Their Positive Qualities

Maybe your ten-year-old isn’t the best housekeeper, but he is compassionate and is always willing to help the family when needed.  Or your 17-year-old can be easily distracted, but she knows how to multitask and get things done.  Instead of focusing on the things your kids do wrong, think more about their positive traits.  This can help you be more patient with your foster children.

In conclusion, with these strategies, your anger will be replaced with compassion and joy on your parenting journey.

If you need assistance with becoming a foster parent, contact us. We’re here to ensure that your foster parenting journey gets off to a strong start.