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Making Chores More Fun for Your Foster Children

Young boy doing chores at home.

Do your foster children fight over whose turn it is to do housework? Maybe you’ll never make vacuuming quite that exciting, but you can have fun together while you clean your house. Here are 3 ways to draw your foster care family closer together while you make your home cleaner and safer.

Delegate Responsibility

Kids of all ages want to feel valued and appreciated. Thus, ask your foster child for input on what they think is the best way to approach a specific task. Put them in charge of important assignments that are appropriate for their age. An older child might take full responsibility for cleaning the living room. Younger children might shine at picking out the music for your spring cleaning or checking under furniture for stray toys and shoes. Remember to let your foster children know that you appreciate their contribution and thank them for doing a great job.

Turn Chores Into a Game

Any task can feel like playtime. Indeed, compete against each other to put away the most toys in the least time. Design a chore wheel and let each member of your foster care family spin it to decide which area they’ll be responsible for cleaning this week. Small children might be motivated by getting a sticker for completing each job.

Spend One-on-One Time

The important thing about any activity is the opportunity to spend time together and bond more closely. The most rewarding conversations you have with your foster children may not be planned. They’re more likely to emerge naturally when you’re doing something else like folding the laundry or raking leaves.

Learn More About Making Chores Fun for Your Foster Children

Contact us at 2INgage¬†for more information about becoming a foster parent in Texas. If you’ve been thinking about the idea, this may be the time to act, and your local foster agency can help you at each step in the process.