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cultural experiences at the museum

Cultural experiences enrich our lives, but foster children sometimes miss out. As a foster parent, you can help introduce young people to the arts, and give them a resource that can encourage joy and healing for the rest of their lives. Here are a few ideas for sharing cultural experiences with your foster children.

Create Choices

Give your foster child options so you can work together to design outings that match their interests. They may be eager to visit art museums or attend live theater. They may become more enthusiastic if they find out the works involve horses or the cast includes their favorite TV star.

Do Your Homework

Help your foster children to engage on a deeper level. They’ll appreciate Shakespeare more if you plan ahead. Watch a movie based on the play. Then, discuss the major characters and plot points.

Liven It Up

Many venues offer special programming and other amenities for younger audiences. Visit websites or call ahead for suggestions about how to make your trip more interesting and entertaining. You might find museum exhibits where children are encouraged to touch the works or go to a lounge area where they can play with related toys and make their own art. Theaters and concert venues may have interactive tours and performances just for kids.

Start Small

Huge blockbuster exhibitions can be exhausting even for adults. Know your foster child’s attention span and plan accordingly. It’s better to leave them wanting more than to risk dragging them around when they’re tired and bored.

Offer Rewards

Do what it takes to create happy memories. That may mean stopping off for a trinket at the gift shop or an ice cream cone at the cafe.


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