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Being a foster parent can sometimes be such a hard task. Apart from providing the basic needs, you also have to ensure the child is emotionally stable and well motivated to take responsibility for his future. Every foster child needs someone who will fill the shoes of their parents, but also, a hero they can aspire to be.

Here is Why a Foster Child Needs a Hero:

Dad and son wearing hero capes

A father and foster son superhero team. It is never too early to be super.

To Learn Cultural Values

Children do not learn from what they are told; they learn from what they see. Important values that make societies better can be easily imparted to the kids through their heroes. However, being a foster child, they might not find the hero in the foster parent. Still, a movie star or a cartoon character like Spiderman can fill the gap. Watching heroic figures like Spiderman can give your foster child a purpose.

To Nurture Hope

There is a reason why heroic stories are told to children. These stories nurture hope. Tell a story about an ordinary person that had to go through the trouble to save his people. Take Superman, for example; he had to deal with the giant of Hulk to do what is right. The stories of success after suffering is a balm to the heart of a troubled child.

To Remind Them That Everything is Possible

Heroic stories tell tales of ordinary people rising to stardom. When life becomes challenging, children draw inspiration from their heroes. The heroes overcome life’s challenges through virtue and strength, and children begin to emulate this strength in the belief that anything they desire can be achieved.

Learn More About Why a Foster Child Needs a Hero

Raising children in a foster home can be such a blessing. The fulfillment a foster parent gets when the children thrive at whatever they do is immeasurable. However, it is not an easy task fulfilling every child’s need. For more insights on how to raise foster children as superheroes, please contact 2INgage and change a generation.