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It can be heartbreaking when you know your foster children are struggling with difficult emotions, but they’re unable to put them into words. You want to help, but you need a way to get the conversation started. Relaxing breathing exercises are an effective way to quickly reduce anxiety and make it easier to talk. They can also be a lot of fun. Try these 3 kid-friendly relaxation practices.

3 Relaxing Breathing Exercises for Foster Children

Family practicing yoga outdoors.

Lion’s Breath

It may look silly, but it is a real yoga pose. If you want to be traditional, you sit on your heels on the floor with your knees together. If that’s not comfortable, you can just sit on a chair or use any position that works for you. Then, you inhale through your nose and exhale forcibly through your mouth. As you exhale, widen your lips and stick your tongue out, letting it hang down towards your chin. Ask your foster child to imagine that with each exhalation, they’re pushing out their fears and worries. You could also ask them if they want to take a picture of their funny face and send it to their family.

Abdominal Breathing

This is a very simple exercise that can have dramatic results. Lie on your back with your legs straight or bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor. Then, put your hand on your stomach. Lastly, relax and notice how your abdomen rises with each inhalation and sinks with each exhalation. Doing this for a few minutes each day can help make deeper abdominal breathing feel natural, which can help with everything from relaxation to weight loss.


You don’t even have to give any breathing instructions for this one. However, chanting will encourage its own slow and steady rhythm. Your foster child might want to chant the names of their family members or you could pick a word for the day together.

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