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Are you a foster parent who’s trying to help your foster children attend school online? Are they finding the transition to working from home difficult? Adjusting to these new circumstances is challenging, but your foster agency is here to help your family along at every step of the way. Here are three points to keep in mind as you prepare your foster children to succeed in remote learning.

A Foster Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Succeed at Remote Learning

Maximize Communication and Connection

Ask your child’s teachers about the best way to stay in touch with them. Be respectful of their time while still being diligent about addressing any issues and asking any questions. Work with your school to encourage tools that enable parents to connect with each other. Also, try to support your child’s social relationships and studies through online study groups and playdates.

Encourage Strong Study Habits

In the classroom or online, academic success depends on good study habits. Take advantage of the extra time you’re spending with your foster children to help them strengthen these skills. Conduct reviews and help them design their own self-tests. Then, show them how to proofread and edit their assignments.

Keep Learning

This is probably new territory for you, so be patient with yourself and others. Experiment with what works best for your foster family and share your experiences with other parents. Evaluate your progress so you can see where you’re improving and where you need more support. Keep in mind that remote learning can also be an ideal opportunity for your foster child to focus more on their passions. Talk about the subjects that interest them the most, and create your own exciting and enriching projects.

Learn More About Transitioning to Remote Learning

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