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taking a selfie after fostering from a foster care nonprofit

A young mother takes a selfie with her foster child.

Looking forward to the year ahead, we’re excited to continue serving children and families in over 30 counties. However, many children are still looking to find support and a forever home right here in our community. If you are looking to make a difference in a child’s life, here are four things to know about 2INgage.

We’re Here to Support Families

Our mission is to support children, and families, at every step of the way. Our partners, Texas Family Initiative and New Horizons, are two non-profit organizations that support children and families with resources.

We Want to Build Trust

We understand that taking on a foster child is a fulfilling and potentially intimidating task. Thus, through continued support, our goal is to ensure that your family has a strong sense of community within our network.

We Need You More Than Ever

Just this month, a review of foster care workers showed the “crushing” workloads of caseworkers who deal with foster children, says the Dallas News. We aim to someday live in a world where every foster child finds a forever home. However, we need your help to get there. Together, with combined effort between the state of Texas, 2INgage, and your welcoming arms, we can create a world with more families.

You Make a Difference

Your impact on a foster child’s life is limitless. By opening your heart to a foster child, you’re not only providing a child a chance at a new life but a chance for hope. The self-esteem, sense of self, and emotional wellbeing of a child are all greatly improved by your positive influence in their life. We aim to empower you throughout your journey with your foster child and create an opportunity for foster children of all ages.

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