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getting ready for the school year by reading

Teacher reading a educational book to her female student.

It’s almost time for your foster child to return to school, and you want to prepare him early so that things will go smoothly during the school year. If your child is entering a new grade level, discuss some of the new concepts he’ll learn in school. If he’ll be a high school freshman, you might go over some algebra problems or English composition exercises in workbooks over the summer. Also, talk about the fun times he’ll have as well as the difficulties he could face while in school. Here are additional ways to prepare your foster child for the upcoming school year.

Revamp The Bedtime Routine

Around the month of August, you want to gradually transition towards a more structured bedtime routine so that it will not surprise your child when you implement it once school starts. After dinnertime, have your child take his bath and put on his nightclothes. Don’t let him get on his computer or watch TV for too long before bedtime because it will disrupt his sleep pattern. When you get him used to his new routine before school starts, he’s more likely to follow through with it although he might not like it at times.

Let The Child Have Some Input

Your child might be just as excited about school as you are, so let him get involved in the preparation process. Let him pick out the bookbag, some of his new school outfits and shoes, and anything he might want to eat for lunch during the week. This helps him gain some independence and it makes the school year more fun for him. It also shows that you are trusting him more to make good decisions by himself.

Meet With Teacher Before School Starts

If your child has a learning disability or if he struggled with his lessons during the previous school year, then it’s a good idea to take your child with you to visit his new teacher. Mention the struggles that your child has with his learning, and ask for recommendations to assist your child with assignments.

Learn More About Preparing Your Foster Children for the Upcoming School Year

In conclusion, these hacks can help your foster child enter the new school year with confidence and excitement.

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