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Have you ever considered being a positive part of the foster system? Is your heart for providing secure homes to foster children but you are not sure you can commit to full-time foster care? Consider being a respite care provider and you just might find out that is exactly where you belong.

Foster child being supported by respite care parents.

Foster child being supported by respite care parents.

What Exactly is Respite Care?

It goes without saying that being a full-time foster care provider takes a lot of energy mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes rest is exactly what is needed to be the best foster parent the children in care need. Sometimes there is a need to travel out of state?  What happens with foster children? That is when a respite care provider comes into the picture.

A provider steps in to provide temporary care for foster children in permanent homes.

While regular parents have the option to call family or friends to provide babysitting for their children foster parents do not have that option. Foster children must go to licensed providers and it is a big help for providers to be available.

How You Can Provide Respite Care

Being a respite care provider is an excellent choice for someone who wants to wade into the foster waters. Your first step is to obtain a license through your state licensing board.

Most assignments happen over the weekend and usually, last no more than two weeks. You can choose when you are available to provide care and over time you will also learn what kind of placements you are most comfortable accepting. The good thing is that permanent foster families will have a good handle on how to properly care for their foster child and can give you plenty of help and tips.

Learn More About Respite Care

Do you think you are ready to be a respite care provider? Be sure to contact your local foster care agency or contact us.