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You Are the Village

child playing with sibling

Cute siblings having fun playing indoors in the living room.

Raising a child is the most important job any human being can do. Thus, it sometimes takes a village to raise one. You’ve probably heard the expression, but it’s easy to think of the village as an abstract idea. Personally identifying ourselves with our community changes our perspective on our role in and responsibility to it. This includes our responsibility to its most valuable investment: its children.

A Bridge of Hope

As a foster parent, you play a critical role in the immediate and future welfare of a child by providing a bridge of hope and support for a child in crisis, from his or her home of origin to his or her future home, or by providing a temporary home away from home, and fill the needs the child’s parents are unable to fill at a critical time in his or her life. You have the potential to be a mentor and a source of comfort to a child in need, and to be instrumental in molding the kind of person that child will grow up to be—an invaluable service not only to the child and his or her parents but also to society at large, of which that child will become a member.

The stronger and healthier each member of any community or society is, the stronger and healthier the community or society as a whole is. The most successful and healthy society is one in which the stronger members contribute their strengths and resources to support and strengthen the weaker members in time of need so that they don’t remain weak or unhealthy. A foster parent fills this important role in his or her community.

Get Involved

For more information on how you can serve your community by becoming a foster parent, please contact 2INgage.